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Karkidakam – The Month Of Ayurvedic Treatments

Karkidakam is the last month of Malayalam calendar, and it falls on July 16th every year according to Gregorian calendar.

A non-Keralite may think “why this month is so significant even if it marks the end of the year and next most the prosperous Chingam.” Its answer is related to the monsoon, climate variations, and its associated disease during June-July months; monsoon is in full swing in Kerala, so high chances of getting the disease.

Also, since the next month is the new year, people want to leave behind every bad thing to welcome Chingam with a happy soul and healthy mind.

Since it’s told, a happy soul dwells in a healthy body people are taking this month to treat them using the traditional method.

Karkidakam can be called as the month of rejuvenation of mind and body mainly ayurvedic treatments like massaging medicines and Karkidaka kanji.

Women used to wear “Dasapushpakam” on their hair. It’s spiritual as Dasapushpakam means ten flowers and they are Karuva, Poovin Kurunnu, Thiruthali, Krishnakanthi, Nilappana, Cherula, Kayyunni, Uzhinja, Mukkuthi and Muyal Cheviyan .

No functions are performed during this month whether it’s marriage, or house warming ceremony.


It’s a  medicinal rice food served this month to resist all disease as it’s a bad climate everywhere. It can be served by anyone, but only this month and should be served over.

“Kanji” means “gruel” and the main ingredient of Karkidaka kanji is a special type of rice known as Njavara rice. It’s a unique variety found only in Kerala and is widely acclaimed for its medicinal properties. Evidence show that it has been cultivated in Kerala for about 25000 years. Njavara rice has short growth duration, and its primary uses are in Ayurveda.  In addition to Karkidaka Kanji, Njavara rice used in the “Kizhis”  or poultices of panchakarma therapy, and also for the procedure known as Navarathappu.


Besides, you can also try out some dishes the leafy vegetables this Karkidakam. Any kind of spinach, thal leaves, thakara leaves, pumpkin leaves, thazhuthama, beans leaves, drumstick leaves, elephant yam leaves, ground ivy leaves, chilly leaves, or any edible tender leaves can take with the dish.


Both the South Asian and Southeast Asians use banana flowers as a vegetable. They use it either raw or steamed with dips. They also use those in soups, curries, and fried foods. The flavor resembles that of artichoke.

As per the  African Journal of Biotechnology log of banana flower has the nutrition like protein, fat, fiber, calcium, iron, copper, vitamin E.



PUMPKIN LEAVES            

Pumpkin leaves are low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. It is also a good source of vitamin E, thiamin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate iron, magnesium and phosphorus, and a very good source of dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C.




Moringa Oleifera is the scientific name for the traditional drumstick tree. Grown in almost all tropical and subtropical regions, this fast-growing drought-resistant tree is native to southern foothills of the Himalayas in the North East. All part of the tree is useful either for the nutritional or medicinal purpose.

Moringa leaf is best known as an excellent source of nutrition and natural energy booster. The energy boost is not based on sugar, and so it is sustained. The health benefits of drumstick leaves will help you get rid of many medical problems.



Spinach contains numerous health benefits its leaves are usually round, thick, and rich green, but has a bright red colored central stem. The leaves and stem of spinach contain a liquid. This has a sweet, raw flavor and the texture is very delicate like that of green spinach. Red spinach originates from tropical ports of America. This is usually consumed as a vegetable in many parts of India.




Chembin thal is excellent, and it will improve the health, and it is a good source of vitamin, thiamin, iron, fiber, etc.

Chembin thal is a highly fibrous  food. They also use those in soups, curries. Mainly the chembin thal is utilized in the time of Karkidaka masam because in this period the poisonous effect of the stem will reduce.



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My experience with ayursoukhyam is the best and unforgettable in my life,it was the treatment and care which I got in ayursoukhyam help me to rejuvenate myself and to refresh from the stress which I was suffering from my busy work schedule.

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Best treatments and calm nature, friendly workers is what I would like to say about ayursoukhyam, Thanks to Dr. Rose Mary and masseurs who carefully guide me through the treatment session. Will surely come back next season

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Ayursoukhyam was like my second home, I was deeply touched by the pure smiling faces around which itself releives our stress and the treatments are done in Kerala style traditional way.

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– Ram Mohan (Australia)

Excellent place to spend with your beloved ones,the healthy honey moon package they provide was good one and we really gone for it,the ayurvedic treatments they provide is high speakable with traditional Kerala food.

– Ashish Priyadrashni (New Delhi)

Treatments are good and effective, I really appreciate the doctor for treating me in good manner, my stay for 21 days detoxification package was good and I will continue the medicines as advised by the doctor. Planning to take family in next vacation.

– Muhammed Bin Ali Sultan (Kingdom of Dubai)

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